Ajar To The Night (Autumn Richardson)

Ajar To The Night (Autumn Richardson)


Ajar To The Night
Autumn Richardson

ISBN 978-1-912316-39-7



140 x 210mm


    Ajar To The Night is a book of talismanic equipoise, in which extraordinary powers of perception that can best be described as magical are expressed in ritualistic language acts of great delicacy and insight. Autumn Richardson’s poetry belongs to a still rare but increasingly urgent work of ecophany that allows us both to be in and to prepare for a world to come.
    (Peter O’Leary)


    I can't praise this collection highly enough. An important contribution to the millennia long traditions of spiritual & esoteric literature. Positively Orphic in intensity & depth.
    (Peter Mark Adams)


    Ajar to the Night, the hauntingly beautiful new book from Autumn Richardson is one of the most soothing, affecting works on existence — both creaturely & other — I’ve ever experienced. I've come away with ash & bone & wing buried deep inside me.
    (Kerri ní Dochartaigh)


    Ajar To The Night is an exploration of esoteric philosophy through the author’s practice of devotional writing. It focuses upon the doctrine of metempsychosis; cyclical existence in all its forms on earth, universal sentience and the inexorable resurgence of the divine feminine.


    Written within the karstic limestone landscape of the Burren, Ireland and the mountains of Spain, these poems embody a process of revelation, and its requisite response, offering.


    The volume contains three poems: You Came To Me, In All Her Names And Forms, and Ajar To The Night. Sensual, spare, startling and visceral works.