Moosewood Sandhills (Tim Lilburn)

Moosewood Sandhills (Tim Lilburn)


Moosewood Sandhills
Tim Lilburn
ISBN 978-1-9999718-7-8



140 x 210mm


    ‘Moosewood Sandhills’ can be thought of as a poetic counterpart to Lilburn’s seminal collection of essays, ‘Living In The World As If It Were Home’. It documents his retreat to the parched scrublands of Saskatchewan, Canada; a place where ‘the dead are believed to meander’. Here he ‘planted thin gardens, dug a root cellar, slept in the fields under summer stars – and looked’. The poems, by turns revelatory and ecstatic, revolve around simple acts of attention; of exchanging glances with animals; of seeing their traces in the bare hills. ‘Moosewood Sandhills’ is akin to a lost sacred text of the desert fathers; a remarkable collection of meditations from one of Canada’s finest poets. This new Xylem Books edition is published to coincide with the book’s 25th anniversary.


    ‘In Moosewood Sandhills, the act of looking emerges as both ontology and raw expression of our fraught relationship with the natural world.’
    (Karen Solie)


    ‘With these gnarled, ecstatic cadenzas of holy materialism, a poet of standing comes into his own.’
    (Dennis Lee)


    ‘Moosewood Sandhills is that rare thing, a genuinely wise book.’
    (Brian Bartlett, Studies in Canadian Literature)