Reliquiae Vol 7 No 2 (Various Authors)

Reliquiae Vol 7 No 2 (Various Authors)


Reliquiae Vol 7 No 2 (Autumn 2019)
Edited by Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton
ISSN 2398-7359
ISBN 978-1-9160951-1-3


xiv + 178pp



    Reliquiae interleaves ecologically aware writing from the past and present, ranging from the ethnological to the philosophical, the lyrical to the visionary. As of 2019 it is published biannually.




    Volume 7 No 2 features the following:

    Peter Mark Adams, Alice Attlee, The Apocalypse of Baruch, Jeffery Beam, Nancy Campbell, Caribou Eskimo mythology, Hannah Cooper-Smithson, Tim Cresswell, Maria Grace De Lallo, Brian Doherty, Egyptian magical texts, The Book of Enoch, Andy Hopkins, Angus MacFarlane, Peter O’Leary, Parmenidēs, Pawnee songs, The Rig-Veda, Elvire Roberts, James Roberts, Penelope Shuttle, The Voice of Silence, Luke Thompson, Christina Tudor-Sideri, Mark Valentine, Gabriel Ventura, G.C. Waldrep




    There are hymns of creation, ancient Egyptian spells, and songs to the Pleiades and to Mother Earth; there are treatises on the magical uses of herbs and plants, ‘visions of secret things’, and on becoming a ‘Walker of the Sky’; there are reflections on the restless world, on being and non-being, and the cycles of eternal recurrence; there are first English translations of extinct traditional East-Greenlandic songs, and Catalan and English evocations of ‘the trail of bones / to the foot of the mountain’; there are animal transformations, minotaurs and Cretan labyrinths, and old gods in the dark of the woods; there are poetic invocations of ‘the colour of the swallow’s thought’, and the visionary properties of Greater Celandine; there are wagtails, silver eels, greylag geese, and men with the faces of oxen, the horns of stags, the feet of goats, and the haunches of lambs; there are labyrinthine forests of myth and memory, angels of night and sacred altars to Set and Nephthys; there are anthropocenic transformations of folkoric ballads, invocations of the thrill of flight, and ‘the prairie’s soteriology of light’; there are scouring East Anglian skies, and poignant meditations on life in the foothills of the Black Mountains.

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