Selected Poems, 1975-2021 (Don Domanski)

Selected Poems, 1975-2021 (Don Domanski)

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Selected Poems

Don Domanski


148 x 200mm

April 2021
ISBN 978-1-9160951-5-1


- Additional unnumbered copies -


    Sewn Hardcover
    Metallic blue foil ‘Pleiades’ artwork
    Midnight blue cover
    Storm blue ribbon
    Tundra yellow endpapers
    Hand numbered edition of 216


    First 108 come with two A6 poem cards printed on hammered stock




    Foreword by Tim Lilburn

    Editorial by Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton




    ‘a rare poet capable of changing lives’
    (Tim Lilburn)


    ‘there is no better poet writing in English’
    (Mark Strand)


    ‘a necromancer of words, a seer’
    (Lorna Crozier)


    This beautiful new book is a celebration of the work of one of Canada’s finest poets, Don Domanski. It distills his forty-five-year career into 108 poems gathered from his nine published collections, most of which are now out-of-print:

    The Cape Breton Book of the Dead (1975)
    Heaven (1978)
    War in an Empty House (1982)
    Hammerstroke (1986)
    Wolf-Ladder (1991)
    Stations of the Left Hand (1994)
    Parish of the Physic Moon (1998)
    All Our Wonder Unavenged (2007)
    Bite Down Little Whisper (2013)

    The book also gathers the poet’s later writing published through Corbel Stone Press, beginning with his 2014 pamphlet Field Notes, followed by those poems featured in our journal Reliquiae. The collection is completed by his previously unpublished ‘A Prayer of Thanks’, written for the Summer Solstice of 2017, and his seminal essay, Poetry and the Sacred.


    Not simply essential for previous admirers of his work, this collection is a much-needed antidote to the anthropocentrism that prevails in contemporary Western culture. It is surely requisite reading for anyone sensitive to our current global environmental crisis, and to the needs of the other-than-human world.