Volcanology, 8 (Richard Skelton)

Volcanology, 8 (Richard Skelton)


Volcanology, 8

Richard Skelton

Original Artwork




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    Original unmounted artwork
    One of a series of 8 collages
    Initialled and dated on the front
    Signed on the back
    150 x 220mm


    Volcanology is a series of artworks produced in response to the volcanic geology of Iceland. The artworks were produced whilst on a residency as part of the Frontiers in Retreat programme in 2016, and were later exhibited at Skaftfell, Seyðisfjörður, in 2017.


    In volcanic landscapes, an igneous sheet intrusion is formed where a new mass of molten magma enroaches along planes of weakness in older rock. When it cuts into another unlayered mass, or across layers, it is called a ‘dike’. When it is formed between layers, it is called a ‘sill’.


    The Volcanology series imitates these processes by intruding newer material into older texts, specifically excerpts from the Austurand newspaper and the Saga Íslendinga.


    A selection from this series was originally published in the Towards a Frontier book, which was produced as a Corbel Stone Press Art Edition in 2017.


    The original artworks are now for sale for the first time, produced in an beautiful edition comprising a black card enclosure featuring the Corbel Stone Press sigil.