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Quoin is the annual publication for friends and patrons of Corbel Stone Press. Each issue features work created exclusively for the journal and is available only through a ‘Friend’ or ‘Patron’ subscription - an annual donation which helps support our work.

Quoin 5

A Hymn to the Goddess

24pp booklet

Quoin 5 contains ‘a hymn to the Goddess’ or ‘Devī’, from Tantric scripture. Tantra is a Hindu spiritual practice (sadhana) based on religious and mystical texts devoted to Goddess worship and shakti (divine feminine energy). ‘The meaning of the term ‘Devī’ is prakāshātmikā, or that which is by its nature Light and Manifestation. The Devī is (the Divine) revealed in Its Mother aspect (Shrīmātā) as Creatrix and Nourisher of the worlds.’

You can become a friend by pledging between £25 and £75, or a patron by pledging £100 or more. Patrons also receive a signed printed work created especially for them.

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