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Reliquiae is a print journal that interleaves ecologically aware writing from the past and present, ranging from the ethnological to the philosophical, the lyrical to the visionary. As of 2019 it is published biannually.

Submission Windows

​May Issue
January 1st to March 31st

November Issue
June 1st to August 31st

Reliquiae is a journal of landscape, nature and mythology. Your work must directly engage with these themes. We are particularly interested in esoteric, visionary and mythopoeic writing. We’re also keen on translations, particularly if the work has never been translated into English before. Have a look at some of our previous volumes to get an idea of the kind of texts that we publish.

Submission Guidelines

​1. Please note: we do not accept simultaneous submissions. We aim to get back to you within one month of the close of each submission window (i.e. end of April / September).

​2a. Please send no more than six poems or ten pages of work typeset in 12pt Times New Roman and formatted as a Word or PDF document.

2b. Please send up to 3,000 words of fiction or creative non-fiction typeset in 12pt Times New Roman and formatted as a Word or PDF document. For longer works, please contact us first with a synopsis.


3. Please note: do not include in your work an epigram or quotation from another writer whose work is still in copyright. As we are UK publishers, copyright extends to 70 years from the death of the author if the work was published in their lifetime, and to 100 years if the work was posthumously published.

4. Submissions should be made to: reliquiaejournal[at]gmail.com.

5. All published writers will receive a complimentary copy of Reliquiae and a small honorarium as a gesture of our thanks.