Xylem Books began as an imprint dedicated to producing affordable, globally distributed paperbacks of Corbel Stone Press titles:

xy01 The Look Away (Richard Skelton)
xy02 Field Notes (A Richardson & R Skelton)
xy03 Heart of Winter (Autumn Richardson)

xy04 The Pale Ladder (Richard Skelton)

xy05 Memorious Earth (A Richardson & R Skelton)

xy06 Landings (Richard Skelton)

xy07 Living In The World (Tim Lilburn)

xy08 Moosewood Sandhills (Tim Lilburn)

xy09 An Almost-Gone Radiance (Autumn Richardson)

In 2019 we introduced the Lign Series. Small format books about landscape, nature and natural philosophy:

LS1 Borage Blue (Oliver Southall)

LS2 The Great Book of the Woods (Gerry Loose)

As international shipping prices soar, our aim with Xylem Books is to create a range of books that is more accessible to a larger audience.

What you can do

If you're in the UK or Ireland, you can support us and our writers by buying your books directly from our online store. If you're outside the UK and Ireland, you can order Xylem titles from your local independent book store, or from an online bookseller based in your country. If you have any difficulty ordering any of our titles, just contact us.

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